Ann Brum

Ann Brum

Ann Brum

Consultant, and industry professional | MedWell Health & Wellness Centers

My name is Ann Brum I am a medical cannabis patient, advocate, consultant and industry professional with over a decade of experience and knowledge in the health and wellness field.

Over the years I have been helping, advising, advocating and educating the public, patients, nurses and doctors about medical cannabis. Currently, I work for MedWell Health & Wellness Centers building their brand & business development. MedWell Health & Wellness Centers is the second biggest medical cannabis evaluations provider in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At MedWell Health, I partner with communities & local business to regularly produce Cannabis information pop-up sessions where my company and I will host an information session/panel geared on educating the local community and providing access to medical cannabis recommendations.

For the informational sessions, we bring together industry professionals, wellness professionals, cannabis advocates, doctors, nurse practitioners, patients, and as well as myself to discuss cannabis, various health topics, the mmj program, the anecdotal evidence of the benefits of medicating with cannabis and answer session attendee questions.

Previously I worked at the second medical dispensary to open in Massachusetts where I supported the front lines as an RMD agent and then in operations as an assistant manager. During my time at the dispensary, I worked to educate 100’s of daily patients on the applications, dosages, strains, products, and all while listening to their needs, challenges, and personal anecdotal evidence of the medicinal value of cannabis.

I do my best to speak from a place of knowledge, passion, and creditability, I am articulate, cannabis educated (I am always learning, reading, and discussing what’s new with my peers) and I truly believe in cannabis as plant-based medicine.