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October  10, 2016 – More than Half of Massachusetts Residents Support Cannabis Legalization

Results from a poll conducted by Western New England University Polling Institute show that 57 percent of Massachusetts voters strongly support the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol ballot initiative. The poll also showed that 35 percent oppose legalization, and 7 percent are undecided.

Massachusetts Poll: 57 Percent Support For Legalizing Marijuana For Adults by The Weed Blog

April 15, 2016 – Vermont Residents One Step Closer to Legal Cannabis

With a 6-3 vote, Vermont’s House Ways and Means Committee passed a bill that allows Vermont residents to grow up to two cannabis plants at home, and removes fines related to the state’s current decriminalization law for small amounts of marijuana.

Vermont House Committee Passes Marijuana Bill by

April 15, 2016 – Diverse Cannabis Industry Professionals Come Together for Legal Update

The wind and rain couldn’t keep attendees and organizer’s from participating in Women Grow: Boston’s first Signature Networking Event. Experts from CRMLA, LEAP and MMPR discussed the current legal environment around cannabis and the next steps to the legalization of cannabis for adult use.
Standing-Room Only at Women Grow: Boston’s First Signature Networking Event by Beth Waterfall

April 15, 2016 – Top Massachusetts Politicians Gang Up on Cannabis

Despite growing support for legalization among their constituents, Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Marty Walsh, Speaker Robert DeLeo, and select legislators and healthcare professionals formed an Anti-Marijuana Committee, claiming that legalization would be harmful to children and those fighting opioid addiction.

Baker, Walsh, DeLeo Form Bipartisan Anti-Marijuana Legalization Committee  by CBS

April 10, 2016 – Support Growing in Connecticut for Medical Marijuana for Kids

A growing group of doctors and lawmakers in Connecticut are pushing for access to medical marijuana for children suffering from terminal illnesses and other debilitating conditions such as epilepsy. Unlike earlier proposals, this legislation is backed by a group of Connecticut pediatricians.

Suffering Children In Connecticut Deserve Access To Medical Cannabis Treatment by The Weed Blog

April 11, 2016 – Judge Brings Cannabis Legalization One Step Closer to Maine

A Maine judge overturned a decision that had nullified the signatures of more than 26,000 supporters of the state’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. After a review of the signatures by the Secretary of State’s office, it is likely that the question will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Reversal of fortune: Maine pot proposal could make November ballot by The Cannabist

April 6, 2016 – RI AG Urges Lawmakers to Proceed with Caution

RI lawmakers have moved beyond the question of “if” legalization will happen, and held a forum this week to discuss the careful measures that must be taken as laws change.

Rhode Island AG’s forum considers issues of legalizing marijuana by

April 6, 2016 – CT Lawmakers Fear Economic Losses if Marijuana Remains Illegal

Recognizing the positive financial implications that the legalization of adult-use marijuana would have on the state’s serious deficit, a group of Connecticut lawmakers made a financial argument for legalization in a special public hearing.

Marijuana Advocates Make Fiscal Argument For Connecticut Legalization: Colorado Earns $135M In 2015 by the Hartford Courant

April 3, 2016 – Voters Can Make Marijuana Legal in These 15 States in 2016

By the end of 2016, 15 states will have voted to legalize either medical or adult-use marijuana. This article explains the details of the various initiatives in states where recreational legalization is on the ballot and states where medical legalization is on the ballot.

A Closer Look at States Trying to Legalize Marijuana in 2016 by The Marijuana Times

March 21, 2016 – MA Sen. Jason Lewis Uses Antiquated Scare Tactics and Inaccuracies to Fight Legalization

Sen. Jason Lewis, chair of the Commonwealth’s Special Senate Committee on Marijuana, declared his opposition to the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts, citing fears about the effect on kids, lack of testing for suspected impaired drivers, among his reasons.

State Sen. Jason Lewis Decides It’s The ‘Wrong Time’ For Mass. To Legalize Pot by WBUR

March 21, 2016 – Connecticut Legislators OK Medical Marijuana for Kids

The Connecticut Public Health Committee approved a bill that would allow children access to the state’s medical marijuana program. The legislation would also foster research on the effects of marijuana, and expands the list of approved ailments that can be treated by medical marijuana.

Legislative committee approves medical marijuana for kids by the Connecticut Post

March 18, 2016 – RI Governor Says She Will Support Voters Choice on Marijuana

After conversations with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper about lessons learned since marijuana was legalized in his state in 2014, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo declared her support for the voters’ decision regarding the legalization of cannabis in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island governor open to letting voters decide on legalizing weed by the Cannabist

March 10, 2016 – Maine’s campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol not dead yet

Supporters of the marijuana legalization ballot initiative that was recently disqualified due to a “handwriting technicality” filed a lawsuit to challenge the disqualification and get the initiative on Maine’s November ballots

Maine Marijuana Initiative Lawsuit Filed, Available Online by

March 8, 2016 – Hemp the new frontier with marijuana legalization

While much focus is on legal marijuana, investors, farmers and other entrepreneurs are getting ready to bring hemp into the spotlight. It is believed that profits from the hemp industry would quickly surpass profits generated by the legal cannabis industry.

Move over, marijuana: Hemp industry could explode in Massachusetts if ballot measure passes in November by

March 8, 2016 – MA Senate Committee recommends high taxes and strict limits on legal marijuana

The Massachusetts Senate committee that recently traveled to Colorado to explore the effects of marijuana legalization released their findings in a 180-page report this week.

7 takeaways from the special report on marijuana legalization in Massachusetts by

March 3, 2016 – Bill would double the number of MMJ dispensaries in R.I.

The filing of a bill to double the number of “compassion centers” in Rhode Island sparked activity by legislators, lobbyists and business owners this week.

R.I. bill would double medical marijuana ‘compassion centers’ by Providence Journal

 March 3, 2016 – Connecticut parents push for access to medical marijuana for kids

Parents of children with seizure disorders testified Wednesday to encourage state lawmakers to allow access to medical marijuana for pediatric use.

Mothers advocate for access to Medical Marijuana by Connecticut News Junkie

March 3, 2016 – Maine pot legalization further delayed thanks to one notary’s bad handwriting

Opponents to legal marijuana in Maine got a victory handed to them thanks to a notary’s handwriting problem on a petition form. What the Maine Secretary of State office called a “handwriting technicality” made void more than 17,000 signatures which would have helped the campaign achieve the minimum required number of signatures to get it on the November ballot.

One Person’s Handwriting Derails Maine Pot Legalization Initiative  by U.S. News & World Report

February 22, 2016 – Vermont one step closer to having legal marijuana

In a 4-3 vote, the Vermont Senate Committee on Appropriations approved a bill that would end marijuana prohibition in Vermont and create a state tax and regulation system for adult use. The bill has the governor’s full support and is expected to next be passed by the state senate.

Vermont marijuana legalization bill passes committee by Freedom Leaf


February 22, 2016 – Legalization is looking good to and for Massachusetts

Colorado has provided the Commonwealth with a roadmap to legalization. With its billion-dollar legal marijuana industry old enough to produce data, Colorado’s highs and lows of legalization prove that Massachusetts has plenty to look forward to.

Here’s what life might be like if weed is legalized in Mass. by


February 22, 2016 – Rhode Island legislators urged to tax and regulate marijuana

As legalization becomes a reality, some Rhode Islanders are eager to see the jobs, tax revenue social justice and personal liberty that will rise from the ashes of prohibition.

Moore: Time to legalize marijuana by Politics


February 22, 2016 – Grafton and Shrewsbury residents holding up access to medical marijuana

As medical marijuana dispensaries pop up in various corners of the state, patients in Central Massachusetts are still without close access to a dispensary.

What’s the status of medical marijuana in Central MA by


February 19, 2016 – Massachusetts’s 6th medical marijuana dispensary now open

Patriot Care in Lowell opened its door to patients last week as a group of protesters stood outside calling for the dispensary owners to cut ties with a medical marijuana lobbyist who opposes legalization.

6th medical marijuana dispensary opens in Mass. by the Boston Globe

February 15, 2016 – PTSD may join RI’s list of conditions approved to be treated by medical marijuana

The Rhode Island Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee is reviewing a bill that would allow patients to use medical marijuana to treat PTSD with a doctor’s recommendation. The bill would also decrease the amount of time it takes for patients to obtain approval for their applications for medical marijuana to less than 72 hours.

RI could add PTSD to conditions treatable with medical marijuana by WPRI


February 14, 2016 – Facing a budget deficit, CT lawmakers push for marijuana legalization

Ten democratic lawmakers in Connecticut are pushing the state’s General Assembly to be open to conversation about the legalization of recreational marijuana use by adults 21 and older as a way to bring in revenue to help the state’s $500 million budget deficit.

Connecticut pushes marijuana legalization to prop up disastrous finances by The Daily Caller

February 13, 2016 – MA Senator Elizabeth Warren asks CDC to study legal marijuana to fight opiate crisis

In a letter to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Elizabeth Warren asks the agency to research marijuana as a potential alternative to prescription opiates, and to study the potential impacts the legalization of adult use of marijuana would have on the growing number of opioid-related deaths.

Why Elizabeth Warren thinks legalizing marijuana could help end America’s opioid addiction crisis by The Washington Post

February 13, 2016 – All eyes are on New England’s marijuana legalization efforts

New England is leading the way for marijuana legalization in the US. Massachusetts and Maine are expected to see their bills to regulate marijuana like alcohol on the ballots in November, and Vermont’s governor has already declared his support of his state’s legalization legislation once it hits his desk this later this year.

America’s Marijuana Legalization Hotbed Ain’t on the West Coast, It’s in … New England? by Alternet

February 12, 2016 – NH House kills marijuana legalization and hemp cultivation bill

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives shot down bipartisan House Bill 1694, which would have legalized possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and home cultivation of up to six plants by adults age 21 and older. It would have also permitted industrial hemp cultivation and a retail marijuana sales and taxation system.

New Hampshire House refuses to legalize recreational marijuana by MMJ Observer

February 12, 2016 – Legal pot getting closer for Vermonters as Senate Finance Committee OKs legalization bill

In a 6-1 vote, the Vermont Senate Finance Committee approved legislation that would legalize adult use of marijuana in Vermont. The bill was also approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and now sits with the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

Vermont marijuana legalization bill clears Second committee by The Daily Chronic

February 10, 2016 – Medical marijuana coming to Lowell next week

Patriot Care Corp. announced it will open the doors to its Lowell, Massachusetts dispensary on Tuesday next week. The facility will be open seven days per week and will offer four-to-six different strains of medical marijuana.

Marijuana dispensary to open in Lowell by The Boston Globe

February 10, 2016 –Augusta school board unanimously passes medical marijuana policy

The Augusta School district announced it adopted a Maine School Management Association policy that allows supervised use of medical marijuana by students who are certified to do so by a medical professional. The policy, which limits use to nonsmokable marijuana, was unanimously passed by the board.

Augusta school board OKs medical marijuana policy by

 February 10, 2016 – Bill allowing patient access to lab-tested marijuana in Maine hospitals approved

A Maine legislative committee unanimously approved a bill that allows hospitals to administer medical marijuana in non-smokable form. The bill also gives much-needed clarity regarding quantities and inspections to dispensaries and to patients and caregivers who grow their own medicine.

Bill allowing patient access to lab-tested marijuana in Maine hospitals approved by Sun Journal

 February 8 –Marijuana legalization bills headed to Rhode Island House and Senate next week

In an effort to ease the tax burden on registered medical marijuana patients, Rhode Island senator Joshua Miller and state representative Scott Slater plan to file marijuana legalization bills next week. The bills mirror the tax-and-regulate legislation they filed last year, and allow cultivation and production of industrial hemp.

Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization Bill Expected This Week by the Daily Chronic

 February 2, 2016 – Governor’s proposal to ‘tag’ marijuana plants would raise $8.4 million in revenue

Rhode Island Governor Raimondo has proposed issuing $150 patient and $350 caregiver state tags for each plant of medical marijuana grown outside a commercial compassion center. The governor expects an additional $8.4 million in state tax revenue from the proposal.

R.I. would raise revenue by ‘tagging’ medical marijuana plants by the Providence Journal

 February 2, 2016 – New Hampshire’s first medical marijuana patient passes away
A New Hampshire woman who was suffering from advanced lung cancer and sued the state for access to medical marijuana has died. After a long legal battle, Linda Horan, 64, finally obtained medical marijuana from Maine in December, just two months before her death.

Read more: Ailing N.H. woman who sued to get out-of-state marijuana dies by The Boston Globe

February 2, 2016 – Growing list of states ready to legalize marijuana includes Maine

Voters in Maine will have their chance to bring legal adult use of marijuana to the state when they cast their ballots in November. On Monday, representatives from the state’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in over double the required number of signatures for the petition. Nearly two-thirds of Mainers support legalization.

Maine Now Poised to Vote for Marijuana Legalization This November by The Daily Chronic

 February 2, 2016 – Vermont Senate Committee Pushes Through Marijuana Legalization Bill

The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee approved Governor Peter Shumlin’s proposal to tax and regulate cannabis trade. If ultimately signed into law, Vermont would be the first state to have a bipartisan government come together to nullify federal cannabis prohibition in practice in Vermont.

Vermont Legislature Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Marijuana by High Times

 January 27, 2016    2nd New Hampshires 2nd cannabis cultivation center receives approval

Temescal Wellness of Manchester was granted a conditional registration certificate by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. It is the second of three cultivation centers that will be approved to operate under the state’s Therapeutic Cannibis Program.

Medical marijuana cultivation center moves forward in Manchester by WMUR9

 January 26, 2016 – Patients facing empty shelves at Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries

With only four dispensaries open to service the 18,476 active medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts, patients are driving long distances and experiencing product shortages. Will things get worse before they get better for the drastically growing number of registered patients?

Massachusetts struggles with surge in demand for medical marijuana by masslive

 January 26, 2016 – New Hampshire legislators consider marijuana decriminalization bill

Legislators in New Hampshire, the only New England state in which possession of any amount of marijuana is still a criminal offense, are considering a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. The bill proposes a civil violation with a fine up to $100 for a first offense of possession of up to a half ounce.

N.H. Bill Would Decriminalize Up to Half Ounce of Marijuana by New Hampshire PBN

 January 26, 2016Vermont’s Governor supports revised marijuana legalization bill

Governor Peter Shulmin announced his support for the legalization of marijuana and associated regulations proposed in a revised bill reviewed at the state house on Tuesday. The bill outlines a plan and resources that would bring legal pot to the Green Mountain State in January 2018.

New Vermont Marijuana bill emerges by WPTZ


January 20, 2016 – MA Senators divided over marijuana legalization after Colorado trip

A group of eight Massachusetts senators returned from a fact-finding trip in Colorado where they sought to understand the legal marijuana industry. After visiting a dispensary and production facility, the senators returned divided on legalization in Massachusetts.

Where the state senators stand on marijuana by the Boston Globe

 January 20, 2016 – As long as NFL bans marijuana use, more Chandler Jones stories will emerge

The NFL needs to join the National Hockey League in allowing medical marijuana as an alternative to the prescription drugs that players are forced to take, and as a natural alternative to the synthetic junk players — and the public — are taking instead.

Chandler Jones episode shows NFL policy on marijuana makes no sense by The Guardian

 January 19, 2016 – Police raid MassCann/NORML president’s home, seize hemp products
The Boston Globe says…….”Bill Downing, treasurer of Bay State Repeal, is under investigation by Boston police after they received a complaint seeking multiple charges of distribution of a Class-C substance. ” Another way to say that is: Boston PD send SWAT team with semi-automatics to terrorize and intimidate compassionate man who has been providing 100% legal CBD products to patients in need.
Read more: Police seek charges against marijuana advocate  by Boston Globe

 January 19, 2016 – Massachusetts Senators to report their findings after Colorado trip
Senator Jason Lewis of the Commonwealth’s Special Committee on Marijuana reports that edibles and controlling home growing quantities are the main concerns after the Committee’s marijuana research trip to Colorado. The Committee plans to release its full recommendations for the regulation of the pot industry in Massachusetts in February.
Read more: Mass. senator’s research on legalized marijuana finds edibles a key concern by MassLive

What Really happened to Bay State Repeal?

Patrick Keaney (political consultant, activist) examines the reasons behind the failed “Bay State Repeal” ballot inititive

Read More: What happened to Bay State Repeal? by dig Boston


Mike Crawford takes issue with continued one-sided coverage of Massachusetts MMJ patients by the Lowell Sun.

Read More: The SUN Strikes Again by dig Boston

 Education key for doctors and patients in New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program

In preparation for the medical marijuana dispensaries set to open early this year in New Hampshire, the state’s department of health and doctors are recognizing the importance of physician education on the topic.

Read more: As medical marijuana becomes a reality in New Hampshire, many doctors are trying to navigate by the Concord Monitor

 A look inside Rhode Island’s cannabis social clubs

Thanks to the state’s reciprocity policy, card-carrying medical marijuana patients have a couple options for enjoying their cannabis in a social club setting in Rhode Island.

Read more: Exploring the Social Smoke Scene in RI by CannabisNow

 Increased access to medical cannabis coming to Connecticut

Last week Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection approved three of 19 applications to operate a medical marijuana dispensary. Connecticut currently has six dispensaries serving the state’s 4,097 registered patients.

Read more: 3 additional medical marijuana dispensaries approved in Connecticut by Fox61

Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol  appears before the Judiciary Committee 

Backers of an effort legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts made their pitch to State House lawmakers on Wednesday, offering them a chance to avoid the question appearing on the 2016 statewide ballot.

Read More: Campaign to legalize marijuana like alcohol comes to the Massachusetts State House by Masslive

Vermont Governor calls for marijuana legalization

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin dedicated a significant portion of his January 7, 2016 State of the State address to marijuana legislation. The governor supports legalization and proposed five key requirements of any legalization regime.

Read more: Vermont’s governor wants to legalize marijuana. Here’s how he would do it by Washington Post

 Three significant events in 2016 could shape the future of the marijuana industry

The presidential election, Oregon and GW Pharmaceuticals are leading the marijuana conversation and driving marijuana legislation and business in 2016.

Read more: Here’s Why 2016 Could Be Marijuana’s Most Important Year Yet by The Motley Fool

 Kosher cannabis coming to New York

Capsules and other manufactured forms of the cannabis plant developed and sold by Vireo Health of

New York have been certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Read more: New York State will soon have medical marijuana that’s certified Kosher by Newsweek

 Massachusetts could be a catalyst for marijuana legalization in New England

Massachusetts is New England’s most populated state and has a history of being a bellwether for change in the region. As voters prepare to cast their votes in November, a group of ten state senators are traveling to Colorado this month to research the impact legalization could have in Massachusetts.

Read more: Could marijuana legalization in Mass. create a ripple effect? by WWLP-22News

 30 breakthroughs for cannabis in 2015

This month-by-month snapshot of 2015’s most important marijuana industry breakthroughs from around the world is inspiring and motivating as we enter 2016.

Read more:

These 30 cannabis breakthroughs of 2015 will inspire you.


The new Wild West: A scramble to brand and trademark pot products

Producers of pot products are recognizing the importance of brand identity and intellectual property protection. While past efforts to obtain federal intellectual property protection have been unsuccessful, many entrepreneurs are betting on legalization.

Read more: From Snoop Dogg to Willie Nelson, Pot Industry Tries to Build Brands by Billboard

Nov 15th, 2015 –  The Porthole in Portland has never flown higher

One of the highlights of our November Portland Cannabis Convention was the Saturday night after-party hosted by our good friends at CannaCare Docs.   They also write a great event summary, so….

READ MORE: New England Cannabis Convention in Portland 

Nov 11th, 2015 – Will Washington turn a deaf ear to veterans on MMJ? 

As the nation honored those who have served on Veterans Day, a group of veterans marched to the White House Wednesday to lobby for medical marijuana as a treatment for war trauma, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

READ MORE: Veterans march to White House, lobby for medical marijuana as treatment for war trauma   by   Fox 5 Washington DC

Blunt Truth, Oct. 23rd, 2015 – Gov. Baker proves better late than never (or the Mass Dems.) on MMJ

Who says that people don’t change? Gov. baker’s recent statements about medical marijuana and the current opiate crisis show him to be someone at least willing to learn!


Blunt Truth, Oct. 16th, 2015 – Mass Medical Society still convinced opiate addition is better than relief from MMJ

Mike Crawford shows impressive self-control while responding to recent (ridiculous) claims made by the MMS that went unchallenged by the mainstream press.


Oct. 7th – In face of mounting legalization, time to retire 60’s era (U.S. driven) UN drug treaty?

The US is permitting the sale of retail cannabis in three states. The shift toward legalization has called the federal government’s drug policy – and its commitment to a UN treaty it helped create (and has actively help to enforce)  – in question.

SEE MORE:  Oregon marijuana legalization challenges US drug policy     via


October 1st – Medical Marijuana in New England goes mainstream with Bob Lobel

Our co-founder Marc Shepard joins NECN’s Broadside to discuss the state of medical marijuana in New England, and the remarkable Dig Boston interview with Boston sports legend Bob Lobel from April 2015 when he first discusses his journey to become a MMJ patient in Massachusetts.

SEE MORE:  NECN’s Broadband: Sept. 15th, 2015. GUEST: Marc Shepard, Co-Founder, New England Cannabis Network.
Bob Lobel discusses medical marijuana for the first time:


Sept. 29th – More slowly than surely, but surely nonetheless

While potential dispensaries on the Massachusetts’ South Shore have been progressing as slowly as everywhere else in the state, it looks like things are going to change…..and fast.

medical marijuana

Read more: Pot shops slow in opening on South Shore    by the Patriot Ledger

Blunt Truth, Sept. 29th, 2015 – Boston Freedom Rally – change is GREAT

The Dig’s Chris Faraone reflects on just how amazing an impact this event has had, and gives credit where credit is due….


Blunt Truth, Sept. 25th, 2015 – GOB & Beacon Hill….the Beat Goes On.

It’s the Boston Freedom Rally this weekend, and you really should go. It’s an amazing gathering of information, education, networking, and advocacy.  Most importantly, you’ll be able to add your signature to the petition for Bay State Repeal Initiative No. 15-23.   Read this week’s Blunt Truth for a reminder of what you are up against:


Sept 20th, 2015 –  Cannabis All-Stars

If you are a fan of secret cups, theFarmacist Presents: The 3rd Annual Cannabis Allstars with B-Real
Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 1:00 PM – Sunday, October 18, 2015 at 10:00 PM (EDT).

Buy your ticket here, and they’ll let you know where it is!

medical marijuana

 September 18th, 2015 – Dangerous business

The recent crop theft in Maine is an unpleasant reminder that cash isn’t the only asset that people in the MMJ business have to worry about.  Security is simply NOT an optional expense.  Sapphire Protection has done a decent job of educating the Cannabis industry on security techniques.  Their spokesman, Tony Gallo has given seminars at most of the major mmj & cannabis conventions around the country.

READ MORE:  $10k of MMJ stolen from Fryeburg    by  NECN 

Sept. 18th, 2015 – GOP going Back to the Future?

After watching the current crop of GOP presidential candidates blather incoherently about mmj, is it possible that Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” routine in the 1980’s will run opposed as the most educated & forward-thinking MMJ view that will come from the Republican Platform in 2016?

READ MORE: GOP Candidates engage in serious discussion about marijuana policy    by  The Weed Blog

Sept. 17th, 2015- Sanders on Point

There has been precious little intelligent national political discourse on mmj & the cannabis industry.  Whether you agree or disagree with him, at least Bernie Sanders seems to be making an effort.

READ MORE: Bernie Sanders Talks About Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization, Banking, And Legalization    by  The Weed Blog

Blunt Truth, Sep 15, 2015- Why is Mass. late for this tea party? 

Massachusetts prides itself as being an educated and progressive state.  It has a long history of being a leader in advocating for social services for its citizens.  Except when comes to medical marijuana.  Mass continues to lag behind the rest of the region, and much of the country, even as opiate addiction continues to hit closer to home.   Where are the media, and our leaders?


September 11, 2015 – Like a Good Neighbor…

Is it a sign that the Massachusetts MMJ program has been delayed beyond reason that the first dispensary to open (ATG in Salem) reached its first-year patient goal less than a month after opening? While all accounts are that ATG did a great job establishing themselves as a positive member of the community & did a ton of grassroots patient outreach, the fact that Mass mmj card holders have been waiting three years for a dispensary to open is probably a factor!

READ MORE:  Stellar Start for MMJ in Massachusetts     by  MJ Business Daily

 September 9th, 2015- Who’s on first?

There’s been a lot of speculation that Maine, Rhode Island, or even Massachusetts will be the first state in New England to legalize recreational marijuana use.  Will Vermont trump them all?

READ MORE:  Improving Odds: Momentum Building in Vermont to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Via the Legislature     by  MJ Business Daily

Blunt Truth, Sept 8th, 2105–  Yes, we’re talking about ourselves again

The Boston Cannabis Convention is the state’s largest gathering of the local MMJ community.  We hope to see you there!


Blunt Truth, Aug 31st, 2105- BEAST COAST RULES!

The secret location relocated, rain, and a scramble for generators would be more than enough to sink most outdoor festivals.  The Beast Coast Cup just said, “Is that all you got?”.


Blunt Truth, Aug 17th, 2115- HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE

At a recent meeting, MASSCANN/NORML listened to pitches from the leaders of both pending marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in Massachusetts.


August 12, 2015-  If Only 38 Studios had worked out like this…..

Monthly MMJ sales in Rhode Island nearly the $10 million mark with a third dispensary opening to handle a patient base that has doubled since 2013.

READ MORE:  Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Sales Rocket 43%  by  MJ Business Daily